Molecular & Environmental Plant Sciences

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MEPS & MEPS Core Courses

MEPS 313 Plant Physiology - lectureCobb
MEPS/GENE 411 Biotechnology in Crop Improvement Loopstra
MEPS 605  Plant Biochemistry               Core Course Koiwa
MEPS/HORT 610 Plant Stress Response                     alternate years Lombardini/Koiwa
MEPS/HORT 618 Root Biology                    alternate years Volder
MEPS 620  Plant Cell Structure & Function Gould
MEPS/GENE/SCSC 655 Complex Genomes Lab Zhang
MEPS/GENE/ESSM 689 Special Topics in Molecular Ecology new Krutovsky
MEPS/HORT 689 Plant Associated Microorganisms    Every Other Spring Pierson
BIOL 635  Plant Molecular Biology               Core Course Versaw/Pepper
MEPS 611 Plant NutritionHirschi
MEPS 313 Plant Physiology – lecture     new section Volder
MEPS/SCSC 316 Theory & Practice of Plant Physiology - lab Cothren/Heilman
MEPS 601 Physiology of Plants               Core Course Hays
MEPS 650/ESSM 644 Plant Cell Culture in Crop Improvement - lab Gould
MEPS 671/SCSC Plant Growth and Development Finlayson
MEPS 681 Seminar: Graduate Orientation Cobb
ESSM 621 (RELM 607) Physiological Plant Ecology       Core Course Briske

Non-MEPS Courses taught by MEPS Faculty

BICH 631 Biochemical Genetics Mullet
GENE 620 Cytogenetics Stelly
PLPA 689 Biotechnology Biofuel & BioProducts     new Yuan
BICH 605 Fundamentals of Biochemical Analysis, Fall Mullet
ESSM 624  Terrestial Ecosystems and Global Change             alternate yearsi Tjoelker
GENE 603 Genetics Magill
GENE 612 Population Genetics Krutovsky
PLPA 680 Cyber-infrastructure Biological Research, Fall     new Yuan